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Solar dynamo AM/ FM/ NOAA radio with torch


Solar dynamo AM/ FM/ NOAA radio with torch

Frequency: AM FM/AM FM WB Bands

Power Sources: Lithium Battery 3.7V 1000mAh

Louder Speaker: D 50mm 8Ω 0.5W

Solar Panel Output: 5V 40mA

Maximum Power: 1.5W

Dynamo Output: DC9V 400mA

USB Output: Charging for Mobile Phones

Color: Blue,Red,Yellow,Green,Black or Customized

External Adaptor Jack: Mini USB 5 Pin Jack

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Solar dynamo AM FM NOAA radio with torch


> 3 super bright LEDs flashlight

> AM/FM/NOAA radio, WB/NOAA 7 channels.

> Recharge cell phone in emergency

> hand crank to wind up  /Solar panel / USB or AC/DC adapter recharge ,mini USB port

connect with computer to charger ,  three ways to power

> Water-resistance, complies with CE, FCC, CEC, CA PR65.



>  Outer dimensions:128*60*45mm,

>  Battery lifespan: > 3 years (average workig 3 hrs every day), aboe 500 times.

>  rechargeable battery: 2/3AAA300mAh/3.6V Ni-MH, 1000mah Li-polymer/3.7V optional,

>  AM: 530~1620KHz   FM: 87~108MHz

>  radio : >400minutes ( 300mAh battery full charged, VOL midterm)

1 minute of hand winding ( >=130 rpm) supports:  over 20 Minutes of working


> Charge time: approx. 10-12 hrs under average sunlight 86000LUX,

> the power indicator illuminates when charging.


>  hand cranking speed: >130r/minute

>  output voltage: 4.5V  DC

C: USB port for recharging.

LED Lighting

> Working voltage: 3.2V--4.2V

> Working current <=60mA

> LED lifetime: 100000 hours

> Lighting : >5 hours @ 3LED ( 300mAh battery full charged)

> 1 minute of hand winding ( >=130 rpm) supports:  over 30 Minutes of Continuous Light


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